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Mark A. Brudnak, PhD, ND, authored more than 40 peer-reviewed scientific and trade journal articles,while an undergrad (University of Southern California) and a graduate student (University of Tulsa). He is often quoted in the health food industry, cited in the scientific literature, and sought out worldwide as a leading expert and speaker in the areas of probiotics, enzymes and functional carbohydrates.

Mark is the originator of the term genomeceuticals, which denotes the natural ingredients that beneficially affect gene expression.

He is a member of several academic honor societies and has been the recipient of grants and scholarships throughout his career.

A board-certified naturopath, Mark has also worked with numerous companies and universities to develop novel products, many of which are available in local health food stores.

He is the founder of Healthy Living Naturally, LLC, a natural health-consulting company that is also dedicated to the life extension of senior citizens through practicing the martial arts, such as TaeKwon-Do (TKD) and T'ai Chi Ch'uan. Mark believes in giving back to his community and donated his time at a local senior center and has published a peer-reviewed journal article based on one of his studies on this topic of health benefits of TKD in seniors.Mark also has his own martial arts studio, Chosun TaeKwon-Do.

Mark has numerous personal interests. In addition to martial arts, he is an avid golfer, snowboarder, and loving father of a beautiful son. He believes an active lifestyle is an integral part of staying young, inside and out.



When asked why he wrote The Probiotic Solution, Mark said, "There is a need to bring the science of probiotics to the average person, so that they can better their lives. Life is about balance, and I believe this book will help people balance themselves from the inside out. If one is not balanced on the inside, then it is impossible to be balanced on the outside. The Probiotic Solution shows both the importance of a balanced intestinal tract and how to balance the probiotics in it."

When asked how one should live life, Mark replied, “With courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit. God, however you view Him, gives all of these gifts to us, if we look and believe."

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